Method in his Madness

A short conversation with Neel (concept designer) & Joyraj (Director)

Neel: This is your third collaboration with Nautanki Theatre.  How your Journey has been with Nautanki so far?

IMG_5416Joyraj: It goes long back, 2007 to be exact when we first met outside at Sydney Theatre Company. We did Bisarjan in 2012, Bedtime Story 2015 and now The Jungle Book, so It feels good, otherwise why do it. Theatre is always evolving and it’s a continuous process. I have seen Nautanki developed in last decade.

Neel: How do you contextualise this production The Jungle Book, a popular text which was written over 100 years ago?

Joyraj: The book was written as a novel not for theatre. If novel is written, it’s forever because of its text. You can read that same text after hundred years and it won’t change. Now theatre doesn’t have that archival value. It’s up to audience how they interpret and each night will be different. You can say this is has its pros & cons because the experience cannot be archived, but that’s why theatre always going to give you surprise element each night.

Neel: You are leading a huge cast & crew of 25 people, is this norm for you?

Joyraj: The amasing cast & crew will help me to narrate this story, the way I want to narrate. I came from India with nothing pre-decided as you know Neel, all I want us to be committed to text and tell this story with full conviction. Rest is left for audience to decode.

Neel: Anything else for audiences?

Joy: This is a wonderful story, which is very contemporary.

Neel: Thank you Joyraj

With Joyraj & Neel 15/07/17