SATF Introduces the Tamil Play –Nettandu

Nautanki: Could you tell us little about you and your Theatre group?

Srini: Sydney Nadaga Priya (SNP) was founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded Tamil drama enthusiasts with the aim of bringing quality Tamil theatre to the Tamil-speaking community in Sydney. While other forms of South Asian performing arts such as classical and contemporary music and dance have enjoyed growing patronage and exposure in Sydney for many years now, there was seen to be a clear dearth of Tamil drama in Sydney and other Australian cities. SNP was formed in part to fill this niche and to showcase contemporary Tamil societal themes and challenges using only local talent.

Nautanki: How did you get involved with South Asian Theatre Festival (SATF) 2016?

Srini: Mr. Neel Banerjee of Nautanki Theatre reached out to SNP early this year with the concept of bringing multiple regional languages under one umbrella and this concept appealed SNP instantly.  We are happy and honoured to be part of this maiden venture.

Nautanki:  How many cast are in your play?

Srini: There are total 5 characters in the play.  A middle aged couple, a Lord and his two ministers.

Nautanki: Why people should come and see Nettandu, The Leap Year?

Srini: Making adjustments/alterations to system and process in something we evidence many do in our daily lives…. What happens in Devalok…the celestial space? A fantasy tale on the concept of leap year is what people can expect to watch.


NK Srini is the playwright and director of the play Nettandu.

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