SATF Introduces the Bangla Play – A Time Machine

Nautanki: Could you tells us little about your Theatre group?

Asim: Well, our theatre group is really an informal one. We group together with interested participants from the Sydney Bengali community as and when a particular project demands. We’ve been performing Bengali plays at the annual drama festival in Sydney organised by Bengali Association of NSW for the past nine years. We have also performed ten minute English plays at the Short+Sweet Sydney Theatre festival for the last five years. This year we were successful to win our group stage and get into the finals (as top 10 out of 160 plays) at this festival.

Nautanki : How did you get involved with South Asian Theatre Festival (SATF) 2016?

Asim: Neel Banerjee, the founder and artistic director of Nautanki Theatre, asked me earlier this year if I’ll be interested to participate in SATF 2016. The concept of presenting a number of plays in different languages to the audience with a common cultural thread appeared to me a very innovative idea well worth giving a try. My cast members were equally enthusiastic.

Nautanki: How many cast are in your play?

Asim: The play has four cast comprising an elderly couple and a younger couple.

Nautanki: Why people should come and see A Time Machine?

Asim: The play is written by Mr. Bratya Basu, a well-known playwright of contemporary Bengali plays. The play deals with our age old desire to be able to look at our past as well as future at the press of a button if only we had a perfect time machine. However, as the play reveals, how you deal with the reality of our lives at the present.

This will be the very first staging of this play in Sydney. The ten minute English version (done by myself) of this play has also been selected to be performed in the Short+Sweet Sydney Theatre festival in 2017.


Asim Das is a man of many talents and this time he will take you on journey to future.

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